Career Education and Transistion at New Road School of Somerset

Effective preparation for independent living and a career are the keys to success for students, especially those with learning, language and social challenges.

Career education in comouter technologyTo this end we provide all students with the opportunity to develop independent living and career skills at their own pace and with their own interests in mind.

In our academic classrooms we integrate teaching activities that engage students physically, kinetically, socially and emotionally, to help grow their capacity for self-motivation, time on task, decision-making and the problem-solving skills that will benefit them later in life.

No other educational approach has proven more effective for students than learning by doing.

New Road School of Somerset's Career Education and Transition program begins with an assessment of each student's current skills and capacities, and an "interest inventory" of the areas of training he or she would like to pursue. The results help us to structure the first phase of Transition program, Introduction to Careers, and guide the student toward stimulating academic coursework and career preparation that aligns with their interests, and is best suited to their specific aptitudes and strengths. Our academic curriculum offers a wide array of Career Classes as elective courses to supplement their required academic program.

From there, and as they are ready, students can participate in learning and training activities through on-campus internships in our Main Street Micro-community, an array of storefronts and businesses, all completely run and staffed by students, all frequented and patronized by fellow students, faculty, and even customers from the outside community. Click here to learn more about New Road School of Somerset's Main Street Micro-community.

As student readiness progresses, students participate in Off-Campus Internships, Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs) that provide opportunities for firsthand experience in a field of study of interest to them. Conducted during school hours two to three days per week, and supervised at all times by trained Job Coaches, here students can determine if they have a particular aptitude in particular areas and start creating a network of real-world contacts for potential employment in the future. Learn more about On- and Off-Campus Internships at New Road School of Somerset.

Finally, our students may also participate in our Professional Academy of Careers and Technology (PACT) program. PACT is a two-year program available to students who have completed their high school curriculum, and would benefit from continuing specialized career training in one of six areas, including:

  • A+ Certification
  • C-Tech Certification
  • Ophthalmic Assisting
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Dental Assisting
  • Culinary Arts

Students who have completed the PACT curriculum have the opportunity to take an exam to receive a nationally-recognized certificate or a certificate of completion. Learn more about the PACT Program at New Road School of Somerset.

All told, New Road School of Somerset's Career Education and Transition process consists of more than 15 fields of study.

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